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Challenge yourself. Grow.

Be our next Senior SRE

The impact you will achieve

Have you ever dreamed of being part of an elite team, made up of the best technology talents, working to ensure the stability of applications and platforms that serve hundreds of thousands of users across the continent? This may be your chance to make it happen.

The challenges you will have

You will guarantee a highly reliable, resilient infrastructure, with automated integration and continuous delivery processes, with the aim of having optimal levels of Lead Time, Mean Time to Recover, a very high Deployment Rate, and very low Change Failure Rate in our environments productive.

The activities you will do

  • Be an ambassador of the DevOps culture.
  • Promote the adoption of best practices in development teams, with a special focus on quality and safety.
  • Automate continuous integration processes (Build, Unit tests, nightly build, among others) and continuous delivery for the products you are assigned.
  • Manage all the infrastructure requirements in the cloud and typical of the application life cycle.

What we need from you

  • A professional who loves to learn, very passionate about technology and who longs to be challenged iteratively.
  • Software developer, with solid knowledge of Git and SCM tools such as GitHub and GitLab, as well as containers.
  • Domain node.js or Python especially for the creation of Lambdas. Go or Ruby also applies.
  • Knowledge of AWS services: EC2, ECS, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Fargate.
  • Knowledge of architecture oriented to microservices and APIs.
  • Experience in implementation and configuration of tools for automation of software development processes, as well as CI / CD: Ansible, Jenkins, SonarQube, Nexus.


Área de trabajo: Cloud, Technology

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