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Challenge yourself and grow.

Be our next SRE Manager

The impact you'll make

Belcorp is looking for experienced and skilled SRE Manager to join our team. This is an excellent position for people who supporting world class custom build Software, guaranteeing high uptime, and very low mean time to recover when something occurs. Our ideal candidate is someone passionate about solving problems and provide workable solutions, an enthusiast about new technologies that understands how their decisions reflects on customers.


The challenges you will have

  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders across engineering projects to improve reliability, uptime, quality, mean time to recover and lead time.
  • Solve high complexity engineering problems, while enabling high performance user experience.
  • Improving system quality by identifying issues and common patterns, and developing standard operating procedures, relying on automation and DevSecOps practices and tools.
  • Cooperate with multi-disciplinary teams to achieve business goals in diverse technology projects involving advanced analytics, MLOps and AIOps.
  • Foster continuous learning and experimentation mindset, through technological practices and cultural shift such as Chaos Engineering and blameless postmortems. 


What we need from you

  • Strong analytical and reasoning skills with an ability to visualize process and outcomes
  • Strong programming skills, knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • DevOps practices: Continuous build, integration and delivery. 
  • Hands-on programming experience using relevant languages: C# / Python / Javascript / Java.
  • Knowledge of SQL Database and NoSQL Databases (one of each and not limited to: SQL Server / Oracle / DynamoDB / DocumentBD / Redshift).
  • Experience using Git and Docker.
  • Monitoring and observability tools, both commercial and open source.
  • Synthetic tests, Session Replay and RUM.
  • Cloud Cost efficiency
  • Chaos Engineering
  • Toil reduction through RPA and AIOps
  • Automated testing (Unit, Integration, Acceptance, Performance) and static code analysis.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, related technical fields experience or equivalent work experience.
  • Knowledge of SRE (Google) is desirable.



Área de trabajo: Open Source, Engineer, Cloud, Database, SQL, Technology, Engineering

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